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Death and the Miser, by Bosch (1490, c.)
This image represents death as a skeleton with a shroud that covers the skull, and this feminizes the skeleton. The shroud, that covers the entire body, becomes a woman's tunic when the skeleton moves and it is stripped off any gender features.

"The inscription on the pedestal could be roughly translated as: 'We all have to die, the rich mingled with the poor'. This anonymous and very rare print has an oddly humorous side. As they reveal a stonetondo carved with dead bodies, the winged…

"An old man, with one hand in a money-box, grips the shoulder of a young woman who rests her arm on the shoulder of a young man; Death rests his hand on the shoulder of the old man." (Description from Emblematica Online - Resources for Emblem…

This image represents death, portrayed by a skeleton, trampling three young women who appear lying underneath. The skeleton has a veil over its skull, a traditionally feminine trait.

This image represents two Pulcinellas being approached by a skeleton dressed as an old woman. The dress and posture of the skeleton are reminiscent of the Celestinesque or procuress tradition being represented as old women.

"Carefully carved in a highly naturalistic style, this boxwood sculpture presents a moral lesson: while Vanity wears an elaborate dress and holds a mirror to her face, the figure of death is at her back, a reminder that all earthly things shall…

A skeleton is holding an inscribed plaque while pointing at it. The skeleton is semi-covered by a cloth, including the skull.

A woman in the center of the picture is dressed in a red dress. Two skeletons are dancing on both of her sides. They are semi-covered by a white cloth. On the left side, a man wears a crown and holds a sword and the globus cruciger.Gender…

"Three living princes, on the left, encounter three corpses, on the right. Below is a Middle French poem describing the encounter." (Description from the British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts…
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