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Death and Children

Dec 1, 2020 Images of children dead or dying, or children as allegorical figures related to death

He dies, she dies

Dec 3, 2020 Images in which man and woman die. In some, they share a common future as a skeleton or skull

The Death: a gender-neutral phenomenon

Dec 28, 2020 The following pictures represent the gender-neutral aspect of Death. The pictures in which you cannot recognize the sex of the skeleton represented as Death both for men and women.

The Feminization of the Death

Dec 30, 2020 However, in most of the pictures found about Death, it is shown as a gender-neutral phenomenon, in the following pictures, you see the feminine character of Death; the skeletons represented as Death…

Penitents, Eremites and Saints with Skulls

Jan 3, 2021 The images in this poster, are part of the collection with the same name: Penitents, Eremites and Saints with Skulls. In these images, the penitents, eremites and saints, both male and female, are…