Allegory of Vanity, by Pereda (1634, c.)



Allegory of Vanity, by Pereda (1634, c.)


The painting depicts a female angel holding a globe and a portrait in front of two tables filled with objects. On the left, there are seven skulls piled up near a rifle, armor, candle and hourglass. On the right there is a gold and ornate clock, pearls and coins and the portrait of three women.

Gender perspective: Although all attributes are typically masculine, such as the weapon and armor, the portraits of the three ladies on the right occupy a mirror position of the skulls on the left. The placement of the skulls with the foramen or hole open upwards feminizes them.


Pereda, Antonio de (1611-1678)


1634, c.


Oil on canvas.
Dimensions: 139.5 × 174 cm

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