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  • Collection: Penitents, Eremites and Saints with Skulls

This work represents the biblical figure of Mary Magdalene doing penance. She is portrayed with a red cloth and holding a skull with no visual gender traits on her left hand. Both the skull and her are facing the viewer.

This image represents Mary Magdalen meditating and looking up. Her right hand is placed over her chest, while her left hand rests on a genderless skull, which in turn rests on an open book.

Original title: Magdalena penitente ("Penitent Magdalen").

This image represents Mary Magdalen doing penance. She is covered with a blue shroud and looks up with tears in her eyes. She is holding a skull that presents no gender traits. On her left…

This image represents Mary Magdalen sitting looking up and surrounded by objects and fruits. Among these objects, we can find a crucifix on her left hand, a chalice oh her right side and a skull, she is resting her right arm on. The skull appears…

The image represents Mary Magdalen. Her head is resting on her folded hands, which in turn rest on a skull. The skull, although by Mary Magdalen's posture can be identified with her, presents no clear gender traits.

This painting represents Saint Mary of Egypt. She appears sitting, with her hands folded in front of her chest and looking up. In front of her, a skull with no identifiable gender traits.
Saint Mary's body is masculinized in this painting as a…

Original title: Magdalena penitente ("Penitent Magdalen").This painting represents Mary Magdalen in a red cloth doing penance in what appears to be a cave. Her hands appear folded in front of her chest, and she looks up. On the right, a genderless…

This work is a self-portrait of the artist. In it, the artist appears writing on a skull that is stripped of any gender traits.

The image represents Mary Magdalen with her right hand to her chest and her left hand placed across her stomach, looking up in tears. In front of her, an open book resting on a skull that faces Mary Magdalen. The skull does not present any visible…

Original title: Jonge vrouw met een schedel Memento Mori ("Young woman with a skull Memento Mori").

A young woman, who is well dressed and wearing a pearl necklace and earrings, holds a skull in her hands while she stares at it.

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