Death of the Magdalene

Death of the Magdalene, by follower of Fontebasso (1750, c.)
Death of the Magdalene, by Callot (1630, c.)


Death of the Magdalene


These images represent the death of Mary Magdalen. The first image represents Magdalen lying down semi-covered by a cloth and holding a cross over her chest. A group of angels sing and play instruments over her, and a skull without any specific gender traits rests on her right. This representation is unique in that it shows the body of a dying young woman without any Momento Mori connotations. Her clothes are both a shroud and an erotic cloth.


Image 1: follower of Francesco Fontebasso (1709-1769)
Image 2: Callot, Jacques (1592-1635)


Image 1: 1750, c.
Image 2: 1630, c.


Image 1:
Pen and brown ink on laid paper.
Dimensions: 52.9 × 39.2 cm

Image 2:
Dimensions: Unknown

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